ULI Baltimore Healthy Urbanism Program


Tuesday, October 20th, 2020
3:30pm - 7:30pm EDT


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A Prescription for Healthy Urbanism

The Corona Virus Pandemic has forced global population centers to reexamine the fundamental justifications of urbanism. While science develops a response, the City’s core identity, as a hub for the exchange of ideas, innovation, and culture is challenged to adopt the necessary health protocols. Concurrently, technological interface is increasingly, successfully, displacing the live interactions which had defined civic life.

 As our understanding of the Virus continues to expand, we are realizing that the response to the pandemic requires a resiliency strategy paralleling other environmental threats. Key elements of urban infrastructure such as transit and education, are finding find new ways to function; and the role and purpose of Public Places, including commercial centers and open space is evolving as communities explore their public health response.

How will the City retain its relevance as the world adjusts to new safety protocols and new technology emphasizing decentralization? And how can these responses embody an equitable social response that allows Baltimore to grow stronger in response? This webinar invites a panel of local and national experts to weigh in on the challenges and opportunities confronting society as it addresses the meaning of urbanism and civic culture. 


Douglas McCoach, AIA NCARB, LEED AP, Director Planning Urban Development, Morris & Ritchie Associates, Baltimore City Studio
Stephanie M. Smith, Assistant Director for Equity, Engagement an Communications, City of Baltimore Department of Planning
Shima Hamidi, PhD, Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Annie Milli, Executive Director, Live Baltimore



Doug McCoach

Morris & Ritchie Associates, Inc.

October 2004 Doug McCoach AIA VICE PRESIDENT Doug McCoach is Director of Planning for MRA’s Baltimore Office. In this capacity he brings a lifetime of experience with owners, developers, investors and lenders on public and private sector clients to develop strategies solid economic platform, market acceptance, community benefit regulatory compliance. His experience ranges from community specific site design to the master planning and conceptual design of entire cities, and brings to life the opportunities inherent in a variety of project programs, sites and uses. Prior to joining MRA, Doug worked for over 33 years at CallisonRTKL , where he lead all aspects of Design, Documentation and Delivery for public, private, and institutional clients including commercial hospitality and retail, academic residential and instructional, corporate office and technology, federal office and secure facilities throughout the Mid-Atlantic; including MICA’s Gateway Dormitory and Arts facility, the Owings Mills Office Campus for T Rowe Price; The National Ground Intelligence Center in Charlottesville Va.; and Towson Town Center. Doug was the creator of CallisonRTKL’s Applied Technology Group, addressing the burgeoning demand for highly reliable, mission critical data facilities for Insurance, Financial, and E-commerce users. His design for Highmark BlueCross Blue Shield’s Primary Data Center in Harrisburg PA. was recognized with a variety of awards. In 2007, Doug accepted the position of Director of Baltimore City Planning. While leading the department; Doug was pleased to see the City’s rezoning initiated as well as the Office of Sustainability established and Affordable Housing legislation passed. Returning to CRTKL as a Vice President, he led Planning Studios in the firm’s Washington, DC office and established the Planning Studio in New York City. Leading efforts to assess, innovate, secure value, and build consensus for public, private, and institutional clients including municipal governments, corporate facilities and real estate, educational institutions and public agencies. In this capacity Doug developed the firm’s approach to the regeneration of distressed assets; Integrating real estate, environmental remediation and planning into a comprehensive strategy supporting disposition strategies. McCoach is recognized as an industry expert in the regeneration of undervalued real estate; reconciling the requirements for environmental remediation with the creation of commercially viable and culturally engaging reuse strategies. Over the course of his 35 years in practice, Doug has become a trusted advisor to owners of distressed assets, municipal leaders accountable to the public interest, and developers looking for viable development strategies informed by market insight. The resultant plans and projects weave together connectivity, open-space, development opportunity and place-making into a cohesive and inviting whole.