Membership Committee

This committee is responsible for actively recruiting new members, developing strategies for reaching prospective members and following up on membership leads.

Membership Committee

Membership Committee helps to grow a healthy and diverse membership base, hosts networking events, and encourages active participation by members on various ULI Baltimore initiatives.

Members are the core of ULI and the strength of our organization. Since 1936, the organization has been defined by what our members contribute to their communities, each other, and the real estate industry. The shared wisdom and experience of our members is what makes ULI unique. Member leadership and expertise make it possible for ULI to offer what it is known for: the gold standard in quality programs and research, and the opportunity to make an impact on communities.

If you are interested in joining :

If you are interested in joining this committee, please contact: Terry Anne Hearn, Residential Title and Escrow Company

Membership Committee Chair

Terry Anne Hearn

Commercial Settlement ServicesMembership ChairEmail Me410-415-7550