ULI neither lobbies nor advocates for any one point of view. At the state and local level, ULI Baltimore addresses community building and land use issues through Community Outreach programs. Through these programs, ULI members collaborate with other stakeholders to implement solutions for better communities. Community Outreach enables local ULI leaders to identify challenges to better development, feature best practices from across the country and devise new solutions to improve land use patterns.


ULI Baltimore initiatives are based on three core themes:

Environmental Sustainability

We envision a region that encourages development in areas where there is existing infrastructure and resources while reserving and rejuvenating our natural resources.

Quality of Life

We envision a region that embraces mixed use communities, provides multiple housing choices in diverse neighborhoods, and creates multiple modes of transportation for ease of movement – all of which we believe will improve our region’s quality of life and ensure our long term economic vitality.

Public Private Partnerships

We envision effective long term land use solutions occurring through maximizing public and private sector opportunities to collaborate and partner. These two forces working in tangent create the focus and long term view for good decision making today.