Growing Cooler

Urban Development and Climate Change Workshops

Members of the ULI Baltimore Regionalism Committee collaborated with the region’s elected county managers on smart growth–related issues that arose during the Reality Check initiative. Growing Cooler’s focused on reduced carbon emissions and correlated with recent related initiatives by the state of Maryland.

Growing Cooler

GROWING COOLER: The Evidence on Urban Development and Climate Change

Key Objectives:

With the help of the Council of Governments for the State of Maryland, ULI Baltimore arranged three well-received workshops for the regions five planning directors and staff.

  • Provided the planning directors with a computer model for measuring the regional implications of different land use and transportation plans in terms of vehicle miles traveled and related increases or decreases in carbon emissions as well as 50-plus additional metrics;
  • Facilitated a process for completing the first step to using the model, which entailed consolidating the five counties’ land use maps into one map that uses the same terminology and definitions for current and planned land uses across the region; and
  • Trained the planning directors to use the same computer model at community forums as a tool for educating residents about the impact of each county’s comprehensive plan on the region’s economic, social, and environmental goals.

    Approximately 30 county officials participated in the workshops. Eliot Allen of Criterion furnished the software and facilitated the workshops. ULI Baltimore provided a majority of the funding, which was acquired through contributions and a Community Action Grant. Members also contributed time to serve as table facilitators.