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2018 Partnership Forum RFP Presentations

2018 Partnership Forum RFP Presentations

Written By: Ghadeer Mansour

As a sleeve of ULI Baltimore, the Young Leaders Partnership Forum offers up-and-coming professionals the opportunity to delve into the many facets of real estate and land development. Members under the age of 35 form a network who work together under the guidance of industry mentors. This year’s mentees culminated their experiences in a capstone project. Six visions were presented to a panel from the Baltimore Development Corporation in a mock Request for Proposal (RFP).

The plot of land in discussion is nestled along the waters of downtown Baltimore, between Harbor East, Pier 6, and McCormick & Schmick’s. Beyond activating the ground floor and capitalizing on the waterfront, groups had a chance to share their design concepts, finances in a pro-forma, neighborhood considerations, timeline per phase, and imagined occupancies. Overarching themes for each of the development proposals were retail, commercial, and office spaces, public space, beautification, and greenery. Key features of the site were considered in context of heritage, walkability, touristic versus localized uses, nearby industries, sustainability, feasibility, revenue streams, and parking, to name a few.

This hands-on exercise showed participants that a planner’s perspective can sometimes differ from a developer’s perspective. The former may emphasize scale while the latter may prioritize returns. Each group found a different balance to bringing their projects to life. After each presentation, the judges – Patrick Terranova, Ira Kowler, Ryan Rattanni, and Kyree West – asked deeper questions, appreciated the complexities, and shared their feedback.

The projects differed in scale, modernity, architectural dynamism, economics, permanence, and sense of community. When it came to imagining the built environment, some intertwined the outside with the inside in detailed proposals, while others presented simple designs that leave room for the city to inhabit. Creativity was reflected through reinvented rooftops, temporary structures, and alternative financing options. Of the six projects to deliberate between, judges reached a consensus on the top three:

1st Place – Pier 6 Market – Jacob Ansbacher, Timothy Barranco, James Bailey, Brenden Jones, Maryssa Timberlake, Lou Cianelli

2nd Place – Union Dock – Joe Ignatius, Delfina Kelly, Alex Mandel, Brendan Harman, Sally Plunkett, Drake Myers

3rd Place – Harbor Hub – Amanda Bloomberg, Jennifer Chorosevic, Franchesca Gomez, Nicholas Pirone, Stephanie Richmond, Colby Stiles

Pier 6 Market team members believe their concept was chosen because of its streamlined, practical nature. The proposal consisted of an open market and flexible offices in a 3-story red brick building, complete with solar panels, a green roof, pedestrian walkways, and plaza connecting the waterfront promenade to existing concert space. They offered an attractive land acquisition price and projected revenue stream from tenants and their start-up brewery.


Patrick Terranova, past participant and current coordinator, spoke for all judges when he described these RFP presentations as a “shining example of all that is good about the Young Leaders Partnership Forum… if these are young peoples’ ideas then the future of our city is in good hands.”

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