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Retrofitting Suburbia for 21st Century Challenges

On April 16th, ULI Baltimore’s Young Leaders Group hosted a signature speaker event for all ULI members featuring Ellen Dunham-Jones. Ellen led an engaging presentation highlighting current trends affecting the viability of suburban shopping centers and the quality of life challenges sprawl has presented over time.

She discussed different strategies communities can use: re-inhabitation of existing structures through adaptive reuse for community uses, redevelopment of sites through the replacement of old structures or building on parking lots and regreening through the revitalization of natural systems on previously developed land. Ellen showcased successful examples of communities that have retrofitted dead malls into thriving mixed-use districts, community uses, and open space and led an engaging Q&A that touched on a number of relevant real estate issues affecting how ULI members make decisions and design communities. The event was another example of ULI Baltimore’s dedication to bringing relevant, captivating content to its members and received rave reviews!

An internationally-recognized authority on sustainable suburban redevelopment and ranked by Planetizen as one of the Top 100 Most Influential Urbanists, Ellen is the co-author of Retrofitting Suburbia: Urban Design Solutions for Redesigning Suburbs. Her

work has been featured in The New York Times, Time Magazine, Harvard Business Review, NPR, PBS, TED and other prominent venues. Ellen has served as Chair of the Board of the Congress for the New Urbanism and is the Director of the Masters in Urban Design Program at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Her research focuses on helping communities address the 21st-century challenges that they were never designed for – whether that’s through her analysis of successful suburban retrofits, studio classes on anticipating autonomous vehicles, coping with climate change, or suburban blight.

Retrofitting Suburbia for 21st Century Challenges

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