ULI Baltimore Bulletin

Mentor Roundtable

Written By: Ghadeer Mansour

Young and experienced industry professionals of ULI Baltimore met for speed-mentoring in the 19th-century grand Garrett-Jacobs Mansion. Former mentees Arjun Hosakere, Chair and Antonio Cruz Co-Chair of this year’s Partnership Forum: a program that matches Baltimore District Council Young Leaders (members under 35) with experienced professionals. Mentors offer guidance and support in an atmosphere of confidentiality, trust, and respect while strengthening ties with mentees, the future leaders of the local real estate community and ULI Baltimore.

The co-chairs introduced mentors who developed their careers in this city and beyond. Each mentor rotated to a different table of approximately 6-8 mentees. Each table also had a Young Leader Coordinator who previously completed the Partnership Forum and assisted with ice breakers and questions. The regal speakeasy setting of the 2019 Mentor Roundtable allowed for mentors and mentees to exchange expertise and aspirations, kicking off this year’s Partnership Forum.

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