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Tradepoint Atlantic & Southeast Baltimore Bike Tour

On Saturday, May 12th, the ULI Baltimore Young Leaders hosted another successful bike tour focusing on the Tradepoint Atlantic site and nearby historic properties.

Stops included:

  • Tradepoint Atlantic Administrative Building
  • Tradepoint Overlook
  • Ft. Howard
  • Todd Farmhouse
  • Shaw’s Discovery

The tour kicked off at the Tradepoint Atlantic Administrative Building with a presentation given by Aaron Tomarchio, SVP of Administration & Corporate Affairs.  After the presentation, attendees examined historical artifacts from the Bethlehem Steel Mill and historic town of Sparrows Point.

Tradepoint Overlook

Led by Fran Taylor and Keith Taylor, the first major leg of the 15-mile tour was the ride to Fort Howard.  Unfortunately, many of the historical buildings are closed to the public, but cyclists were able to see some remaining structures such as the coastal artillery fortifications including cannons and remaining concrete batteries.  Local historian and artifact collector, Ray Scott, displayed his collection of items found on the historical site including military artifacts, pottery, porcelain dolls, and medicine bottles.

Historic Shaw Bauer Property on Shaw’s Discovery Site

The next destination was the historic Todd’s Inheritance Farmhouse which sits on land initially purchased in 1664.  Though the original farmhouse was burned by the British during the War of 1812, the home was rebuilt in 1816 and is currently maintained and operated by a local all-volunteer group.

The final stop on the tour was the site for the future Shaw’s Discovery Development.  The project will include 143 homes and the redevelopment of the historic Shaw Bauer House.

At the conclusion of the tour, attendees reconvened at the waterfront restaurant, The Seasoned Mariner, for appetizers and cocktails.

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