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Young Leaders Giving Back w/ Fayette Street Outreach

On Saturday, February 10th, the ULI Baltimore Young Leaders gathered at the Fayette Street Outreach Organization (FSO) Community Center that is currently under construction at North Smallwood Street in Southwest Baltimore.  ULI Young Leaders provided the labor needed to paint all walls on the ground floor of the new center, while Trident Builders donated materials needed to complete the work.  Young Leaders met with FSO leaders Edna Manns, Timothy Bridges, Sterling Brunson and Derek Price and learned about the history of the organization and the relentless effort and contributions of community members, local organizations, and legislators to turn the vision of the center into a reality.

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FSO was created by a group of community residents in the mid-1990s with the goal of building a better, safer and healthier community while building a brighter future for neighborhood youth.  Fayette Street Outreach Organization plans to offer residents numerous services including youth and adult job training programs, health and wellness services and eventually access to a community garden.  Construction of the center will further FSO’s mission to be a resource and place of support for all residents of the community no matter what the need.

Those interested in becoming involved with FSO can contact the organization HERE.  View more photos from the event HERE.

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