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NEXT January Recap

On Tuesday, January 22nd, ULI Baltimore hosted its 3rd event for NEXT, a breakfast series of conversational-style moderated discussions with subject matter experts in fields relevant to ULI discussing professional development and leadership insight for mid-career professionals.

ULI Baltimore modeled their launch of NEXT last September after the approach taken four years ago by ULI Washington, which created a “flight” of 25 like-minded professionals dedicated to attending meetings every other month for one year.  In year two, the program successfully transitioned to an application-based committee similar to the Partnership Forum and WLI Workshop.  There are currently four flights of 25 highly-engaged NEXT members in ULI Washington.  ULI Baltimore hopes to capitalize on the already extremely-active Young Leaders Group as its member’s transition to NEXT.

The 3rd event was well-attended although suffered significant attrition compared to registration, a trend NEXT needs to reverse.

The event content included one presentation by two speakers conversing.  The event title was Gender and Real Estate Career Decisions.

The presentation was moderated by Migena Dilolli and Larissa Torres and naturally led to open discussion

Major takeaways from the discussion:

  • Gender bias has changed over time and is sometimes less blatant than 30 years ago but structural bias remains prevalent especially in our industry
  • Despite increased opportunities for women in their careers expectations for each gender are uneven, often lack fairness, and lead to salary disparity
  • Daycare is absolutely worth the expense no matter the cost in order to avoid leaving the workforce
  • Workplace culture continues to shape careers – how do we move past golf and strip clubs.


Cheryl Duvall, Regional Consulting Practice Area Leader, Gensler

Peter Fillat, President, Fillat + Architecture

We would like to thank our NEXT Sponsors: McLaren Engineering & Trident Builders


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